40 Best Advent Calendars for Children 2020

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There is nothing quite like the count down to Christmas … especially as a child when you haven’t got the general costs or cooking in the back of your mind. The one and only way to count down to Christmas in style is with an advent calendar. But, gone are the days of cheap chocolates and cardboard doors that don’t quite open fully, or rip the entire thing apart. The world of advent calendars has gone wild; you can now get your hands on almost anything behind those little doors. Strap yourselves in for the very best advent calendars on the market this year so good that you might even make it to Christmas without opening all the doors? Either way, this is the way to really complete your little ones Christmas.

These Are the 40 Best Advent Calendars for Children 2020


Doll Advent Calendars (Barbie, Baby Born, L.O.L. Doll & Co.)

Baby Born Advent Accessories Advent Calendar 2020

Every little girl has a doll phase, and if your cherub is in the middle of theirs, you can’t go wrong with the Zapf Creation offering of the Baby Born advent calendar, there are 24 pieces of clothing and accessories for a Baby Born Doll. It’s suitable for children over the age of three.

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Zapf Creation Baby Annabell (& Baby Born) Advent Calendar

The other calendar from Zapf Creation this year is the Baby Annabell option – that also has clothing and accessories like leggings and dresses as well as some garments with Christmas themes.

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L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar 2020

Whilst some children are into baby’s, slightly older kids might prefer a more modern looking dolls so the L.O.L surprise! Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar fits that bill. It comes with a doll to dress and garments and accessories behind each door too, and comes in the most gorgeous hot pink and baby blue presentation box for that girly girl in your life.

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Barbie Dreamtopia Advent Calendar 2020

Talking dolls wouldn’t be quite complete without a mention for Barbie now would it? Barbie Dreamtopia 2020 Advent Calendar does exactly what it says on the tin. It is the advent calendar of dreams for any little princess with an enormous imagination. Accessories range from mermaid to princess and fairy with different looks to experiment with.

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Movie & Action Figures Advent Calendars 2020

From dolls to action figures, 2020 is a cracking year for advent calendars.

Paw Patrol Advent Calendar 2020

For children over the age of three, the likelihood is they love a bit of Paw Patrol – and what’s not to love? Puppy’s doing good deeds? The Paw Patrol official advent calendar from Spin Master is full of collectible pieces like dog figures, houses and even a sleigh.

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Bibi & Tina Craze Advent Calendar 2020

For slightly older children, the Bibi & Tina calendar this year is a thing of beauty, that would complete any families Christmas home décor, bursting with figures and accessories, the exclusive play set grows every day until Christmas.

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Hot Wheels Advent Calendar 2020

Call budding petrol heads – this one’s for you. Hot-wheels 2020 advent contribution is just about as action packed as they get. Hot-wheels have created some of the most Christmassy vehicles that would send even the biggest moto enthusiasts imagination racing. Evolving from previous years, this calendar even includes a play mat to protect your floors.

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Minions Stationary Advent Calendar 2020

It feels like a lifetime since despicable me graced our lives but those little yellow lovable minions haven’t gone anywhere. For any minion fanatic – minion pencils, erasers and 33cm bop bag is a big yellow jackpot.

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Funko POP Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020

A slightly quirkier take on Harry Potter has been released this year from Funko pop – and might suit an older child who’s into magic and collectables. It’s the Christmas countdown that your child will always remember as they can hold onto these figurines and start their very own collection.

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Revell RC Helicopter Advent Calendar 2020

Maybe your child thinks they are too old for advent calendars – well think again. The Revell Advent Calendar RC helicopter gives budding mechanics and engineers a chance to build their own functioning helicopter just in time for Christmas. It also comes in two colours which is also a bonus.

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Lego Advent Calendars

Let’s kick things off with one of the biggest toy brands of our lifetimes – its LEGO. Whilst LEGO seems to be sent to earth directly from hell when you find yourself standing on one, they are a family favourite across the board.

Lego City Advent Calendar 2020

This year they have released a new Lego City advent calendar that would go down a storm with the growing man of the household. It is for over 5 year olds, and is bursting with classic LEGO people, vehicles and even a Santa Claus. The main attraction with this calendar is the construction set that goes hand in hand with the LEGO city adventures TV series.
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Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020

Now if your little one is a fan of the force, you’ll be onto a winner with this LEGO offering. With 12 figures inside, including Darth Vader no less, makes this advent calendar Christmas gold for the little Jedi in your life. It even comes with a high tech link to the Star Wars LEGO game!

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Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020

If your child is more into wands than light sabres, then the LEGO Harry Potter advent calendar is the perfect solution. Featuring all the main characters, your witch or wizard will be able to complete their very own Hogwarts Christmas scene by Christmas day and who knows – that might keep them occupied whilst you sort the Christmas dinner.

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Lego Friends Advent Calendar 2020

The LEGO friends advent calendar is the simplest version of LEGO wit elves and Santa himself, it’s the perfect way for your child to use their imagination and celebrate Christmas with a complete set of LEGO favourites, and its perfect for all fans of the lego movie series, particularly loved by girls.

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Blue Ocean Lego Ninjago – Series 5 Trading Cards – Advent Calendar 2020

The Blue Ocean calendar comes with LEGO Ninjago Series 5 trading cards, and whilst we might not know exactly what that means, if you have heard your child talking about them, then this will go down a treat.

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Accessories & Cosmetics Advent Calendars 2020


As far as cosmetics and accessories go – its every little girls dream to have their own collections of bits and bobs.


Frozen Beauty Advent Calendar 2020

An accessores and cosmetics advent calender is even more exciting when its frozen themed right? 24 items of frozen themed makeup, nail polish and hair accessories, this is the perfect start-up makeup collection.

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Frozen II Craze Advent Calendar

For more accessory mad little ladies, the Frozen Craze advent calendar is perfect complete with stationary, key-rings and hair bands. The calendar includes all of the Frozen favourites, from Anna and Elsa to Olaf and Sven!

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Bibi & Tina Roth Bathing Fun Advent Calendar

For girls who are fascinated with their mothers makeup stash, the Bibi & Tina beauty advent calendar is bursting with toiletries and bath products for girls and is definitely the most glittery calendar this year.

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Mouttop Christmas Jewellery Advent Calendar

From glitter to sparkles – Mouttop Christmas advent calendar has a range of charms for bracelets and necklaces that are also included to start your little princess’ jewellery collection ready for you to personalise and change as you like.

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Playmobil Advent Calendars

Playmobil advent calendar will take your little ones imaginations to the high seas.

Treasure Hunt in Pirate Bay Playmobil Advent Calendar 2020

Playmobil´s Pirate themed Christmas countdown has everything you could wish for from a crew, including a colour changing octopus figure … sold. The set is recommended for children over the age of 5.

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Christmas Bakery in the Toy Store Playmobil Advent Calendar 2020

For so many children, one of the most exciting parts of Christmas is Santa Claus. Your child can only begin to imagine what Santa’s work shop looks like. With this advent calendar they will have the chance to have their very own workshop, complete with Santa and Snowmen.

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Fight for the Magic Stone Playmobil Advent Calendar 2020

The Playmobile Fight for the Magic stone Calendar is perfect for children over the age of eight. It comes with fantastic figures, animals and accessories behind each door – including 3 nights and one dragon. It comes with instructions so you and your little one can work together to defeat the dragon.

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Heidi’s Winter World Playmobil Advent Calendar 2020

Another beautiful calendar from Playmobile is a true winter wonderland. This is perfect for children four years old and above. It is bursting with figures and animals and the small figures are ideal for children’s hands. The beautiful pink and blue box makes it the perfect addition to your little girls Christmas countdown experience.

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Royal Picnic in the Park Playmobil Advent Calendar 2020

Another offering from Playmobil this year is the Picnic in the Park version for children over 4, for princesses and princes alike. This beautiful collection includes the most regal picnic setting complete with royal stroller, poodle, horse and of course the king and queen.

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Nativity Scene Playmobil Advent Calendar 2020

Finally more the more traditional Christmas setting, Playmobil have also released a nativity scene calendar, so by Christmas day your little one will be able to recreate the nativity story with their very own nativity setting complete with wise-men.

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Experiments Advent Calendars 2020

Do you have a budding scientist in your life? If so, no Chrismas countdown would be complete without the chance to do some experiments.

Clementoni Galileo Science Experiments Advent Calendar 2020

For any child fascinated by science and experiments, Clementoni Galileo Science is the answer. To quench that thirst for knowledge, this calendar explores palaeontology, physics and chemistry with instructions that will take you through the tasks step-by-step! This one is for slightly older children though, recommended for age 8 and over.

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Geolino Natural Sciences Advent Calendar 2020: Experiment Fun

Another science offering for the same age range comes from Geolino Natural Sciences, with 24, 10 minute experiments. This will keep your little Einstein busy whilst they wait for Santa to arrive.

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Puzzles Advent Calendars 2020

Puzzles have been parents secret weapon for keeping little hands busy since the beginning of time…

Kosmos EXIT Advent Calendar 2020

Kosmos EXIT advent calendar is the game of pure tension as a calendar inspired by the series! These can be quite tricky, so brilliantly time consuming, and are designed for children over the age of 10. An advent calendar with no numbers on the doors might seem unusual, that’s because it is BUT with the Kosmos three investigators advent calendar, you have to complete a puzzle to figure out which door you need to open next … cool right!

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Kosmos The Three Investigators Advent Calendar 2020: Mysterious Christmas accidents in the toy store 

The Kosmos The Three calendar for children over 8, is the perfect opportunity to test your little ones brain, once you’ve figured out which door you need to open that is. There are exciting gimmicks behind each and every one to keep your brain active right up until the big day!

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Kosmos The Three Investigators Advent Calendar 2020: Exciting crime adventure of the soft toys in the toy store

This calendar is another perfect option for children over eight. It brings an exciting story that will make it almost impossible to resist opening the next door. Try out your detective skills this Christmas.

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Animals & Dinosaurs Advent Calendars 2020

Animal lovers – I’m now talking directly to you.

Farm World Schleich Advent Calendar 2020

The brand new Schleich Farm World adventure calendar has beautiful animal and farm figures behind each door, so you can have your very own full farm set up by the time Santa arrives!

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Dinosaurs Schleich Advent Calendar 2020

Maybe your child is dino-mad. In this case, Schleich have presented an all over dinosaur themed calendar, with a range of different dinosaurs complete with explorer figure and dino-cage!

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Horse Club Schleich Advent Calendar 2020

For any pony mad princess, the horse club advent calendar is perfect. With the beautiful grey horse figure and all the accessories your little rider could ever need, she will be over the moon with these 24 suprises. It even comes with a beautiful little foal!

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Book Advent Calendars 2020

Bibi & Tina Advent Calendar Book 2020

Bibi and Tina calendars are always popular, but if your child loves reading, or maybe needs some encouragement to read more – then an advent calendar could be the solution. Behind each door is the next part of the story – complete with colouring pages and puzzles.

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Pixi Book Advent Calendar Gold 2020

Some of the most popular Christmas classics have been put into this year´s Pixi Advent Calendar Gold, to get your little one reading. From Leo louse Mouse to Sandman, the countdown to Christmas will fly by.

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Ravensburger Mein Wimmel Busy Picture Book Advent Calendar 2020

The Mein Wimmel Advent Calendar has 24 little busy picture books between each of the doors, completing the beautiful collection in time for Christmas that your little reader can hold onto all year round.

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Healthy Food Advent Calendars 2020

Chocolate advent calendars are so 2019 … in fact and in the modern world some of us like to keep our kids eating clean. This Naughty Friends organic advent calendar is bursting with healthy snacks and fun without sugar or additives!

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Baby Toys Advent Calendars 2020

For newer parents celebrating their first Christmas after your baby has grown into a toddler, it might be time to buy them their very first advent calendar.

HABA Tut Tut Baby Speedster Advent Calendar 2020

This calendar is everything we love about Christmas with an exciting gingerbread design, with gingerbread vehicles and even a gingerbread bus! The bus pendent even has a magic sensor to detect the Tut Tut Baby Speedster.

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HABA My First Advent Calendar 2020 Princess Castle

The My First advent calendar Princess Castle edition is perfect for your little princess, of course. It is bursting with 24 lovingly designed and elaborate printed wooden figures and 3D backdrop to get your little ones imagination going.

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HABA My First Advent Calendar 2020 Farmyard

The wooden figures in this farmyard calendar from HABA will bring your child months of enjoyment. A farmyard set that will be fun and exciting all year round will grow day on day right up until Christmas. Perfect for your childs growth and to expand their imagination through playtime.

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Conclusion: Best Advent Calendars for Children 2020

So, if you are one of those people with who is really organised around Christmas time, firstly – congratulations good for you, secondly kick things off with a cracking advent calendar because Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Oh and if you aren’t one of those organised people, at least now you can get the advent calendar right.

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