Hermes Villa

Hermes Villa is a beautiful villa situated in in the middle of the Lainz Game Reserve. It offers a combination of art, history, architecture, culinary pleasures and nature that you won´t find anywhere else in Vienna. Not only that, it provides one of the best educational programmes for children and families in the capital. Hermes Villa was built by Emperor Franz Joseph, who gave it as a gift to his beloved wife Sisi, a keen traveller, to make her spend more time in Vienna.
The villa is the result of the combined artwork of several great artists. Built by the famous architect Carl von Hasenauer, who also built the ornate Ringstrasse, it became a model for many high aristocracy country houses of that time. The interiors of the imperial private apartment were designed by renowned historical artists, Georg and Gustav Klimt, Franz Matsch, and Hugo Charlemont. The beautiful statue of “Hermes as Guardian” which stands in the garden, gave the villa its name.
The most interesting part for visitors are the interiors of the private apartments that convey the sense of a lifestyle of the Emperor and Empress away from the imperial court. Many personal objects, photos, and documents are on display. One of the highlights is Sisi´s bedroom with a huge royal bed and fantastic murals depicting motifs from Shakespeare´s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Another highlight is Sisi´s private gym where the Empress, known for being extremely body-conscious, exercised daily.
Not-to-miss is also the Hermes Café Restaurant Labstelle, a famed culinary spot serving great Viennese and game specialities in a magnificent ambiance. It´s also family friendly!
The education programme at the Hermes Villa is outspoken. Guided tours and hands-on workshops are offered for schools, as well as a rich schedule for the public and families. Workshop highlights include: What were Empress Elisabeth´s beauty recipes? Why did she always have a fan with her? How did Empress Elisabeth keep fit? Why did her chambermaids often run out of air? What were her beauty recipes?
Most activities, workshops and events are designed for children ages 6 and older, and are held in German, though occasionally in English. Some of the weekend hands-on workshops offer activities suitable for kids of any language.

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