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Vienna Energy World Spittelau is an adventure experience centre by Wien Energy. It’s a really cool infotainment place that combines fun and knowledge, adventure, and discovery. It’s a huge help to make kids understand questions and challenges around energy, its generation and usage, renewable energy alternatives, and global ecology impacts. It also educates about green solutions to produce energy and ways to save it in our day-to-day lives.
The Vienna Energy World Spittelau is located in the premises of the Spittelau Waste Incineration Plant, the unmistakable Vienna landmark by Friedensreich Hundertwasser in the 9th district of Alsergund. Just as cool as it’s on the outside, it is also cool on the inside.
You will find 19 interactive stations there that provide infotainment at the highest level – with free admission. The offer of the Vienna Energy World Spittelau is available to both schools and organised groups as well as to families and private visitors.
The centre is open Monday to Friday, as well as on the first Saturday of each month and during special events. Admission is always free for all, and as a private visitor, you don’t normally need to pre-book. Guided tours should be arranged in advance, though.
Some of the kids’ highlights at the Vienna Energy World Spittelau include:
Tour de Watt. What is electrical power? How much electricity is needed to turn on a light, a computer, or a coffee machine? The exhibit allows children to generate electricity while riding a bike to give them an idea.
Dance-fired Power Plant. Kids and adults alike can generate energy themselves and dance until the disco ball above their head starts to light up. Cool sound and light effects add to the disco atmosphere.
Wattformator. Calories, kilojoules, watts. This exhibit is all about energy units. And how long do you need to ride a bike in order to burn off a Wiener Schnitzel? A one-armed bandit will tell you.
Experience Station:
What is Watt? Of course we have all heard of “watts” – but what does it really mean? What’s the difference between power and energy? You will be able to feel both at this station: see how much power you have.
Heat Laboratory. At this experience station, children will find out how to generate heat and then use it for heating. Why do warm surfaces feel different? Why does the sun provide heat despite being so far away? A thermal-imaging selfie is another highlight that not only kids can experience at this station.
Green heating = district heating. Wondering how the district heating and district cooling network in Vienna actually works? This model shows you how heating or cooling flows in the network.
Electricity Workshop. How does electricity get from the power plant to the plug socket? And how is magnetic energy turned into electricity? This experience’s stations will give you answers to all these questions in the most fun way!
Photon ball. Have you always wanted to know how photovoltaics work? Try it out for yourself. Here, you can fire “photons” at photovoltaic cells and see what happens.
Electricity for everyone. Great practical station will give you an in-depth insight into the distribution of electricity. Connect various electrical installations with the right buyers.
Besides that, there are plenty of other interactive stations at the Vienna Energy World Spittelau, such as the Magneto, Radiating Heat, Three-phase Current, Flow X-rays, or Hit the Gas, which will explain you and your children the topics of magnetism, insulation, how a generator works, how heat flows, and much more.
For schools and groups of young people, Wien Energy has even more impressive offerings, including School Boxes with games, quizzes, exercises, and experiment. School services also include Wien Energy trainers coming to schools to do interactive presentations and workshops. Plenty of events and workshops are available for children, teens, and young adults throughout the year – both at the Vienna Energy World Spittelau centre and in schools and other external locations.
Last but not least, families and schools can order FREE Pixi books on different sustainability topics such as e-cars, green energy, district heating, how waste is used to heat houses, and more.

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