Dance studio where you can rent a ballroom, train with your own dancing group, teach your own dance course, or participate in any of the open lessons taking place there. Therefore, there’s a truly vast choice of various dance style courses for children, youth, and adults here. Creative kids ballet, MTV dance, K-pop, hip-hop, break-dance, or even Oriental, Indian Bollywood style, Israeli dance, and much more. Course offerings vary quite often based on the team of teachers.


Level of Courses & Playgroups:

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  • Advanced Level
  • Beginners Level
  • Competitive Level
  • Elementary Instructional Level

Group Structure:

  • Boys & Girls Groups
  • Boys Only Groups
  • Girls Only Groups
  • Parents & Kids Lessons

Course Specific Features:

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  • Classes at School
  • Classes in Kindergarten
  • Flexible Start Date
  • Private Tuition Lessons

TOP Features:

  • Holiday Activities for Children
  • Workshops & Events for Children

Course Length:

  • Spring Holiday Camps & Workshops
  • Summer Camps & Workshops
  • Winter Holiday Camps & Workshops
  • Workshops

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