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Loved by children and adults alike, the apple strudel is one of Vienna´s iconic specialties. Whether you live in Vienna or are just a visitor, chances are you have already tried it. If not, you definitely should. But have you ever seen it being prepared?
According to the original recipe, the dough must be pulled by hand to become so thin you can actually see through it! But there are other tips and tricks that make an ordinary apple strudel become the Apple Strudel that even the Emperors would have loved. Now, could you think of a better place than the Imperial Palace to learn the tricks of the imperial bakers? We bet you wouldn´t find it (except for your grandma, perhaps).
And here comes our tip: Head to the Café Residenz Schönbrunn, the Imperial demonstration bakery situated directly at the Schönbrunn Palace! They offer a super engaging life cooking show, the Apple Strudel Show which is a great experience for the whole family. Especially the kids love to watch the dessert being prepared in a somewhat theatrical manner (but don´t get us wrong, it´s not a mere purpose-built theater, that´s how they really used to prepare the strudel before the knetting machines came)
The show takes 20 minutes which is just accurate to keep your children amused. After that, everyone will get a piece of the original apple strudel to taste, along with a tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Plus, you will also get the original recipe to take home with you.
Add the authentic ambience of the Schönbrunn Palace, and the tempting aroma of the strudel dough in the oven, and you get an unforgettable culinary experience. Recommended not only for Vienna visitors: we know first-hand that Viennese children love the show just as much as their non-Viennese counterparts. So, even if you call Vienna a home, try and visit the show one day you happen to be strolling in the Schönbrunn Palace Gardens with your kids.
The Apple Strudel Show takes place daily between 11am and 4pm at the top of the hour, in German and English.
After the show, you might want to get lost at the Schönbrunn – Maze & Labyrinth, have a break at the great Labyrinthikon playground, walk through the Schönbrunn Palace Gardens, or perhaps take the Schönbrunn Panorama Train to enjoy the fantastic view from the Gloriette.
For even more ideas on things to do with children in Schönbrunn, see our insider tips.

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