Schönbrunn Palace Children’s Museum

Schönbrunn Palace Children’s Museum is the best way for children and families to experience the glamour and problems encountered by imperial children in the past, as well as learn a lot of interesting things about the everyday lives of the imperial family: How did they dress? What did they play with? Did they go to school? How was the imperial table set? What about personal hygiene? In the twelve rooms of the Kindermuseum, located on the ground floor of the main building of Schönbrunn Palace, kids can explore virtually every topic of everyday life in the 18th century, the age of Maria Theresa. A picture wheel shows you the differences between imperial children and children from common families. A number of action stations make it possible for kids to actively participate in as many things as possible. The highlight is the large costume and dress-up corner where both kids and adults can dress up as a prince or princess. (Yes, this is where all those dress-up pictures you often see on Instagram are coming from!) Just to name some of the more popular action stations at the Schönbrunn Palace Children´s Museum, you can try to set the imperial table or play with imperial toys from the past. For schools, kindergartens and private children’s groups, special guided tours and workshops are offered. Weekend and evening guided tours are also available to the public. Most of the activities are recommended for children ages 5-12. Last but not least, children can even celebrate a birthday party here, so their dream of becoming a princess or prince can come true for at least the day. Given the location of the Children´s Museum, you can Combone the visit with one to the Schönbrunn Palace, then take a walk in the Schönbrunn Palace Gardens and head up to the Gloriette. Alternatively, you can visit the Schönbrunn – Maze & Labyrinth and explore the great Labyrinthikon playground!

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